The aim of Troy Housing Authority (THA) is to provide affordable and adequate housing to eligible families in the THA areas. In order to achieve this mission:
  • THA will recognize residents and participants as a valuable asset; and
  • Seek partnerships with residents, the community, and governmental leadership; and
  • Strive to improve service and efforts through effective and efficient management of the THA staff; and
  • Utilize resources effectively and efficiently in the management and operation of THA.

Multi-family Housing

All families must be income eligible. Rent calculations are customarily based upon 30% of the adjusted gross household income. The Authority’s current housing inventory ranges from efficiency (zero) to five (5) bedroom units. Applicants must pass a comprehensive screening which includes background checks on criminal history, credit checks, previous landlord references, other housing agencies, employers, social service agencies, court records etc.

  • Knox Aster (194 Total Units)
    There is a total of 100 units located in the Knox Street Area and 94 units located in the Aster Area.
  • Segars Murphree (154 Total Units)
    There is a total of 120 units located in the Segars Street Area and 34 units located in the Murphree Park Area.

Completed Pre-Applications can be submitted in person at 301 North Knox Street, Troy, AL 36081 or a scanned pdf via email or via our Online Application

Housing Choice Voucher (HCV)

Troy Housing Authority Section 8 HCV currently accepts applications for the HCV program twice a year. Troy Housing Authority accepts applications on the 3rd Tuesday from 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. in March and September. A maximum of 50 applications will be accepted. However, THA reserves the right to determine and increase the number of applications accepted to maintain an active waiting list.